Money Exchange in Dallas

Looking for currency exchange in Dallas? Here is a look at the different options.

ATM Withdrawal or Credit Card

If you use your ATM withdrawal from your foreign bank account or pay using your credit card, you may be charged a local ATM fee, your bank’s fee for withdrawing money from an ATM, and a foreign currency fee from your bank.

Cash Withdrawal on your Credit Card

This withdrawal would also incur fees, including a local ATM fee, your bank’s fee for withdrawing money from an ATM, a foreign currency fee from your bank and also cash advance charges on the credit card.

Traveler’s Checks in US Dollars

You may have to pay for these at a less advantageous rate in your home country due to the issuing fee. However, if you use them (as you would use cash) in the U.S., there is no additional charge and many hotels will cash them for you for no charge. However, there are very few hotels, retail outlets that accept this fading form of payment.

Traveler’s Checks in Foreign Currency

If you get traveler’s check in your home currency, you will have to pay a commission fee in order to convert the foreign traveler’s checks into U.S. dollars. This will be over and above a retail exchange rate.

Money Exchangers

Trusted currency exchanges convert most international currencies to U.S. dollars. For instance, at Texas Currency Exchange, we make same-day exchanges for over 80 currencies; giving the best exchange rates to Texas residence and international guests.

Here are some more tips for currency exchange in Texas.

  • ATMs allow easy access for U.S. dollars from your foreign bank account or credit card account.
  • Foreign currency exchange rates tend to be better at the city money changers than the airport.
  • Most ATMs charge a withdrawal fee to non-customers.
  • Call your bank or credit card company before your trip to check their currency conversion fee for using their debit or credit card abroad.
  • At the airports, you’ll find ATMs and currency exchange booths in every terminal, again the airport rates are generally not favorable.
  • Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted credit cards.
  • Cash-only restaurants and stores are quite common throughout Texas.

If you are looking for foreign currency exchange without any hassle in Plano or Fort Worth, Texas, call Texas Currency Exchange at 888-975-6009.

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